Screw Cutter (2nd Gen)

Screw Cutter (2nd Gen)


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I have had these precision screw cutters for many years and use them all the time; they are a great tool for folder makers as they allow you to trim down screws quickly and cleanly. I used them in some of my knifemaking videos and have had many requests over the years so I decided to have a batch of them made to offer to other makers out there. These are the 2nd generation of them with several changes being made:

The steel is D2 and the handle is a 1-piece G-10 which is rounded off and very comfortable. The screw sizes are 1-72, 2-56, 4-40 and there are 3 holes per size. In addition there is a ball detent plate for installing 1/16″ and 2 mm balls in your liners at a specific height. For example the 1/16th will insert the ball with .015, .021 or .025 (ball park) exposed. On this particular design when you cut the screw, the handle stops the cutting instead of the socket head, making it a more durable screw cutter.Also the back plate is counterbored to allow the cut threads to fall out easier.

All these improvements make this screw cutter a more versatile tool for the maker.

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