I guess I forgot about the blog!

My apologies about the lack of updating here; between Facebook, Instagram and my forum on the USN I try to keep everyone up to date on what I am doing. I will try to keep a schedule of weekly blog posts to recap what I may have been posting elsewhere.

Last week I finished a small series of Strikers for True North Knives; some have titanium bolsters and carbon fiber scales and some others have a double titanium overlays with guilloché on the bolster part. These knives will be sold directly by Neil Ostroff so check out his website for more info and availability. Here are some pictures of these Strikers:

tn13 tn12 tn11TN14 TN15


Later on this week I will post about the new midtechs I am working on but for now here is a picture of the prototype; I hope you like it!


Update on these in a few days!