I have taken a different approach with the pens than with the other items that I create. Before I started my first models, I did not research designs and function of other pens. I put together my concept and my beliefs of what a high precision, refined writing instrument should be like; then I set forth on creating the first models. I felt that taking this approach, I would be able to present something with a fresh look, feel and execution, not achieved before.

The materials that I use are titanium, Damascus and acrylic. Titanium and Damascus are difficult to work with because of their inherent properties. I use acrylic because of the wide variety of patterns and colors it is offered in. All the materials are in the form of solid round bars, nothing has been pre-drilled. Therefore it makes these writing instrument more valuable and the user more appreciative.

I create each pen by hand, operating only manual machines. The only part of the pen I do not make is the cartridge. Each pen comes with a certificate and a leather pouch. These work of art are limited in production due to the fact that I create other art objects as well (watches and knives).