Summer update

You are probably wondering what I am up to since I have been so quiet. After Blade a few friends came over to hang out at the new place, then we went on a well deserved vacation to come back to a few trees struck by lightning on our property! Why are all these things happen when we are on vacation? Luckily we did not get much damages from the power surge just a dozen outlets/light switches and a VFD on my grinder which the good folks from Wilmont were able to ship me a new one very quickly. But it is a bummer that 3 of my oak trees got killed one of which was really big.

Last week I was finally back in the shop full time working on knives for various projects. I have also been working on new models I will be introducing soon. These will replace my current line of knives (yes all of of them)! In addition to being new these will get new hardware and will be made using a new process. You will notice in the photo I am drawing these knives 2:1 which is not easy; it is way easier to draw 1:1! This way I can be more precise in my pattern making because any type of tolerance issue gets reduced by half. I am going to spend a lot more time on my pantograph to achieve my goals. Stay tuned for more updates!

DSC03718 DSC03720