Visit to the Hogue plant

Back in March I made the trip to Paso Robles, CA for a visit to Hogue. I had not been in almost a year so it was way overdue. So much has changed since my last visit! They now have a pro shop and it is very well stocked; not only do they carry everything that Hogue manufactures but also items from friends in the industry like Kitanica, Dillon, Rudy Project, etc…
The knife department has grown exponentially with new machines, employees and processes. I found a twin brother at the plant, he was cleaning his station with a shop vac reminding me of myself.
They have a really cool paint booth in an enclosed metal container. One of the pics is of the double disc grinder but I forgot to take one of the blade grinder. There is one photo of little bins full of parts, that is one of 2 rows of them!
It was a very productive visit and we got quite a bit accomplished. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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