I have always been fascinated by the precision and complication involved in making beautiful timepieces. In 2001 I started taking watch making classes from a well-known French watchmaker.

Since I only make a handful of watches each year, collectors quickly acquire them and I feel privileged that my watches have caught the attention of demanding watch collectors.

I only utilize high-grade Swiss mechanical movements, which are tuned to my specifications. These movements are very difficult to acquire and I feel fortunate to be able to offer them to my customers. In the watch world, these movements are considered to be amongst the very best. I continually search to find different and unique movements to give my watches a special flair.

I travel to Switzerland regularly to hunt for the latest and best supplies available. For example, I special ordered 2mm thick sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating. Sapphire crystals 1.7mm or thicker are not common in the watch industry. These will ensure a more rugged and higher waterproof rated watch. I found a strap manufacturer whose leather straps are absolutely fantastic. Their straps can be found on some of the finest watches coming out of Switzerland. They are making custom straps of my designs to fit my watches.

I am also making my own custom crowns and my dials have taken on a completely different look thanks to my new plating system and guilloche work.