The Vector is one of my largest watches.

The watch shown in the photo is the prototype. When I make this model again, I will make it with a separate bezel and give it an even more bold appearance by making it bigger with a two-tone finish.

This watch is completely handmade and I use a pocket watch movement for this model. This movement is simple but very rugged and accurate. It follows the philosophy behind my watches, that I try to make the most reliable watches and not to over-complicate them. The dial can be guilloche or made with a variety of materials depending on what type of watch it will be (classical, dressy, sporty, etc…). This model only comes with leather straps (ostrich or crocodile) which have been custom made to my specifications by one of the finest Italian strap manufacturer. The 27mm strap flares out past the lugs so the flow of the watch blends into the strap without any interuption.

Vector with titanium case, anodized and guilloche dial.

Vector with titanium case, anodized and guilloche dial.

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