Axe short run – SOLD OUT!

Last year I introduced my new axe design. This is a true axe, not a breaching tool. I know breaching tools are really popular these days but I am not going to find myself busting out of a mud hut anytime soon. My intent for this tool is for bushcraft, outdoors activities and self defense. I wanted an axe that can actually cut but be very light and fast in the hand like a supercharged knife.

This is the last run of these made. The handle is 3D machined G-10 and comes in 3 colors black, OD green and brown. The thickness of the axe head remained the same at .250 but I did switch to a different steel called AerMet 310 which is a steel used to make armor plating. I was lucky to be able to buy some sheets of it and the chances of me (or anybody else) getting this material is very rare. According to the person I purchased this from, the only time this would be available again is if someone purchases a run of 25,000 pounds and he foresees this not being anytime soon. The coating is black Cerakote as usual.

For the sheath I wanted something very compact, one handed and quick to withdraw the axe. What I designed I think is the coolest axe sheath around! The only part of the axe that needs to be protected are the sharp tips and the cutting edge so there is no need to have a massive sheath to cover the entire head. So I designed the sheath to outline the shape of the axe head with the bas relief protecting the areas that need to be. There are magnets in the sheath to hold the axe in place while the user transition from the safety lever to the axe handle. It prevents the axe from just falling out of the sheath. Yes you can shake the axe and it will fall out of the sheath, the magnets were not meant to hold the axe but just buy you some time. The retention lever is based off an AK47 safety lever; it has an adjustable detent screw to adjust the tension of the detent. To lock the axe head in the sheath, the safety is pushed down. A TEK-LOK is located on the back side of the sheath and can be mounted vertically or at 90 degrees.

head dimension: 4.75″ L x 3″ H x .250
overall length: 12.5″
blade material: AerMet310 – Cerakote coated
handle material: 3D machined G-10
sheath material: G-10 matching color to the handle
price: $550 – SOLD OUT!